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10 reminders to trust your own gut

Don't buy, and don't buy into everything: the stories you tell yourself create your reality and expand (or narrows) your world. Don't suppress your immediate hunch, but trust that it holds and that you are best served by following your own gut 🌿

10 reminders to trust your own gut
  1. You are okay and it's okay to feel how you feel; it's okay to do what you do, even if it's completely different from what everyone else is saying, doing or considers normal.
  2. You are okay and it's okay to go after the money and be motivated to earn it in a big way, of course it is. And no less okay if you don't give a fuck and prioritize your relationships, your creative work, or the difference you are otherwise able to make for other people instead.
  3. You are okay and it's okay to prioritize something other than the lifestyle products, the summer house, the crazy new car; okay to settle for less, and invest your time with the kids rather than just blindly working; it's okay to settle for and be grateful for all the abundance you have, rather than always chasing more, being on the go, and never really having peace of mind to just be present where you are.
  4. You are okay and it's okay to tear days off the calendar when you're not being productive but cultivating your creative downtime; it's okay to be unavailable. In particular, okay to turn off all the tiresome crap that goes to extremes to steal your attention online.
  5. You are okay and it's okay to sit out on the pier and stare out to sea, basically grateful; it's okay to get off the race for no other reason than that you feel like it in the moment.
  6. You are okay and it's okay to play and be so damn curious and inquisitive you just can't contain yourself; it's okay not knowing what you really want to do with your life.
  7. You are okay and it's okay to dream, even in formats that don't exactly fit in square boxes. The boxes we always put ourselves and each other in indeed draw the world of yesterday, not the world of tomorrow.
  8. You are okay and it's okay to be honest, both with other people and with yourself.
  9. Honesty in fact is not just okay. It's a must.
  10. Notice and just trust your own gut. Be bold and be brave.