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If you feel for it, why not?

The other Sunday morning, a lady who has a summer house in Bjerregaard stopped by my studio. She and 2 guys were sightseeing in Hvide Sande, where a stop at Tysk'havnen is of course a must.

If you feel for it, why not?

One of the men turned out to be the artist Kasper Juul Melhede, who in addition to his own artistic practice runs Galleri Juul in Annisse near Helsinge.

And somehow something in the room must have resonated. After just a few minutes, Kasper brought up the possibility of including a couple of my works in an upcoming group show. And after some contact back and forth, a few days later I received a commitment that I will be a part of Sensommer, at Galleri Juul August 31st and September 1st 2024.

Crazy. In reality it is completely unlikely that this very thing should happen: that a gallerist accidentally hits Tysk'havnen one morning when I happen to be at the studio; that there is a match between a few of the works I have hanging on my walls and a concrete exhibition and a concrete clientele at the other end of the country; that Kasperโ€”how improbable is that?โ€”just as I was born on Skagen and that we share the same veneration for the sea.

Lord knows that I have painted a lot in recent years. More than has been financially sound. And even though I have sold some of my paintings, I have had difficulty maintaining faith that the crazy raw style I'm working in now will ever find an audience.

Nevertheless, I have continued the work.

For my part, I just love to mimic nature's decay processes and create my rusty and tarnished surfaces with a wonderful mixture of pigments, oils, cement, metal dust, chemicals, and not least water and fire. It feels right and it fills me with good energy.

And now, when there is suddenly a deadline to work towards, I can actually also defend putting in the time. To that extent, I have my arms up.

At the same time, doubt naturally begins to nag.

However, as I tell myself, the alternative to saying yes when someone can see a perspective in the work you are doing is to say no.

And even though it's scary to go all in on something that you had never in your wildest imagination thought that you neither could nor should. . . . . then why not?!

I mean: If you feel for it, why not?

Some may shake their heads, while others will think that you navigate with yours under your arm. . . .

Nevermind. You have your own motivations, your own abilities, and therefore your own damn obligation ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜Ž

As Seth Godin says: Go make a ruckus.