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The good life

Life is so short, and still there is so much we want to do and so much we want to achieve. For inspiration, a set of guidelines I use every day myself as tools to maintain direction and focus.

The good life

7 focal points that make the difference

1. Ocean and horizon

As human beings we benefit from knowning our place in the world, feeling the raw power of natur and the chanings seasons on our own bodies. The Danish North Sea Coast is a fantastic place and the people and the life here something I'm grateful for every day.

2. Grounding

To have a broad vision you need a steady foundation, and both concretely and figuratively good old grounding rocks. It might sound a little hippie like running around in bare feet but trust me; it works.
Certain things just does not work optimally protected by rubber.

The sun rising over the fjord one early morning, right outside our door.

3. Eat food ...

—not too much, and mainly plants—as Michael Pollan has cut his advice to the bone. Of course it is not always as easy as it sounds and then still: Enjoy all the fruits and vegetables you like, learn to bake your own sour dough bread and have a feast with all the butter you can eat. That's pure life quality and funny enough also really healthy.

4. The money, stupid!

The way we create our money, what is best business is not always what is sustainable and makes sense. Rather the contrary. For my own part money is definitely the one issue that over the years has caused me the greatest anguish, and at times completely removed my discretion and dictated my choices. Consider money a necessary evil. Neither more nor less.

5. #deletefacebook

I've always loved Storm P and his vagabonds; in particular Back to nature. No one wins by blindly going with the flow, neither into a manipulated echo chamber nor—even worse—a virtual tech fantasy on steroids created on Mark Zuckerberg's sick premises.
A thanks but no thanks.

As of June 10, 2024, I am actually back on Facebook to a very limited extent. However, under no circumstances will I let my presence on this crazy platform dictate how I should communicate, or take an emotional stand on either people, policies, or content created to steal my money or attention.

Hvide Sande's version of a skyline.

6. Forget the dogmas

—this first handful included and in general stop being too hard on yourself. Rigid rules are meant to be broken and no one has ever died from skipping a planned workout, smoking a joint, or for that matter downing a coke.

7. A second opinion

That said—(that everything we are told is not equally valid and that everything does not always have to be so fucking perfect)—there is no shame in asking others for a second opinion:
Never be afraid to ask stupid questions or to try things on your own body. Then ultimately make your own decisions on an informed basis.

Peace out 💚🌍