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The world is changing. Regardless, we need to come up with new and more sustainable ways to live our lives and prioritize our resources 💚🌍

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Studio visit

If you'd like to meet yours truly and experience a different workspace, you are more than welcome to stop by my workshop and studio at Tysk'havnen 12 in Hvide Sande.

I typically have several projects going at once and tend to spill paint everywhere.

"Genarbejd (Rework) will be the name on the facade of the small tool house at Tysk'havnen 12: if not the wizard's workshop, then at least my future base for various creative projects under the auspices of my tiny company of the same, well-chosen name," I wrote on Instagram back in November 2020.

At that time I had just taken over the place, and still only had rather vague, loose ideas about what it should actually house.

Today, I paint more than ever, not just on canvas, but also on driftwood, old, recycled wood, and various panels made and laminated from the same, and so the house functions primarily as a wood workshop and studio.

My studio is my sanctuary: a creative space, designed and furnished to create—and in reality at least as much a playroom and laboratory as it is a workshop.

And although it can of course be inconvenient to be disturbed at work, I am pretty much always happy to have visitors.

I do feel it is quite transgressive to display my works while they are still in process. But I also learn a lot from hearing other people's feedback and seeing my art through other people's eyes.

The official open hours are:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:45 - 11:45.

If, like me, you find great inspiration in watching other people's work processes, feel free to drop by.