Why buy my art?

Honestly, and in short my art is worth it's money because it oozes rawness and authenticity and resonates with something deep and completely fundamental in life.

When you buy my art, you buy into the energy and the thoughts I have invested in the creation process: you buy into the narrative of a low-key, grounded life on your own terms.

Without sounding too woo woo, a painting is not just a painting. There is a difference between a painting painted on an assembly line in a Chinese industrial city and my paintings created in authentic surroundings on the Danish North Sea coast.

My art has an edge you will never find in mass-produced factory goods. I mean, you can't help but feel the time and emotion I have put into the creation, which ultimately makes you feel a little more in sync, yourself.

Enough sales pitch for now. If you're still reading along, I assume you find my approach to things refreshing, and want to keep up with what I do and post in the future.

If you want to see some of my paintings in real life, you are always welcome in my workshop and studio, Æ Tysk'Havn 12 in Hvide Sande. If you are curious about my approach to art and creation, I also regularly blog about artmaking.

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Portfolio with selected paintings and works of art
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