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Making art is my favorite pastime and what fills me with the most and best energy. At the same time, artmaking is also demanding, grueling, and without end.


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— in a broad sense, as a way of balancing things and living in due respect for the great cycle of consciousness and matter we are all a part of.

Career path

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We live in a world where creativity and independence are increasingly important, and should be taken into account when choosing a career path.


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The way forward is green, and the challenge of restructuring our society up a wide range of new opportunities for living and doing business in sustainable ways.


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Being self-acquiring is not a shortcut to either wealth or fame, but a freedom, and addictive to a degree that should come with a warning.

Daily habits

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The battlefield where each of us can change who we actually are, and gradually transform ourselves into what we want to be.

Sculpture and objects

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Various things created at the crossroads between art and craft; with extensive use of recycled materials and plastic, waste and wood found beach combing.


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Reviews of the best books I read, or rather: reviews of the books that resonate with something deep inside me; books I also recommend others to read.


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Money is such an incredibly fascinating phenomenon: dictating our careers, society and lives, and yet no one can answer what it really is.

Paintings on wood

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Paintings created with oil, acrylic, and various other media on wood and various other building boards, masonite and the like.


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Scrap wood, offcuts and other waste wood that is typically thrown away is a valuable resource, and suitable for many different building and interior projects.

Paintings on canvas

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Paintings on stretched canvas, created with acrylic paint, oil paint, oil crayons, objects found beachcombing and all kinds of other things that appear along the way.