When I got the opportunity to have my works presented in the new West Coast Collection store in Hvide Sande, it suddenly made sense to test out one of my old ideas in real life . . .

Is it even possible to sell unique art and craft from recycled materials in a way where you can make a decent living from it? Is it possible to come up with a series of handmade uniques that neither take a long time to produce nor risk being overly stereotypical? Preferably created from offcuts and waste wood, so that both resource consumption and retail price can be kept down.

There is of course also a bittersweet, environmentally critical angle on the scrap fish: If we continue to use the world's oceans as a dumping ground for plastic and all sorts of other harmful substances, it might end up that the only fish we see in Hvide Sande are those made from old scrap 🙎

A fish assembled from Chinese packaging wood with rubber eyes from trawl warps.

Time will tell if the scrap fish can compete with factory-made stuff, shipped halfway around the Earth home from the Far East. Regardless, I think the attempt is worthwhile. The way we have been used to outsourcing our physical production at the expense of the environment and working environment is simply no longer sustainable.