Each layer on the canvas is a layer that is added. But at the same time, each layer is also an attempt to strip down and reach something that is already there. Something that cannot be any different.

"Gammel kærlighed" (Old love) 2022, 100 x 140 cm: : fiber plaster, cement, acrylic, oil, rust, espresso on canvas.

I've experimented a lot with provoking rust. It is difficult to control how a given subject rusts, and close to impossible to predict the outcome using diferent chemicals. Most of the time things end up completely awful. But every now and then you suddenly get something that looks far better than anything you ever imagined.

Perhaps it is precisely this uncontrollable element and the many unknowns that make the creation process so damn fascinating?

Everything has its time, and seen over a sufficiently long period of time, all matter is in motion and no form is permanent. Maybe that's what the rusted and broken surfaces are trying to tell us? And maybe that's why I find them so fascinating?